Power generation

This expertise was aquired during an apprenticeship at a north german power company and was improved during employments as working student in a power plant. Especially the following competences are covered:

Should your invention not be assigned to one of the listed special fields, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Technical solutions for such systems can be protected by patent or utility model. The subject-matter of a novel usage can only be obtained with a patent. The protection of usage can also range over to known products. A characteristic case is the "second medical indication" of a known drug which from now on shall be protected for the therapy of a different disease with different (treatment-)purpose.

Problems may occur because the application area (for example battery in electric vehicle, a propeller blade in turbine) is obvious or a dependent patent results from the patent application because somebody else has filed or gained a protective right for a component of the product or the usage. Also the justification (=lack of protection interest) can be missing, because a patent for a product is already granted to the same applicant, for example for an electrical processor whose "usage" patent is limited to the use of this processor with a computer only.

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