Warning of laser beam

As IP rights relating laser technology

there are published more than 600.000 printed matters in the form of applications, patents and utility models, certificates, investor's certificates or patents of addition. The applied inventions disclose solutions for generating laser beams, for beam guidance, to optics, filters as well as the civil and military use of a laser.


which provided holograms generated by lasers as mass storage devices became generally known already before 1970. Coherent light from sources with high light intensity, pulsed sources with tunable wavelength and continuous-wave lasers were developed. When writing applications for industrial property rights it depends considerably on the draft of the claims and adequate disclosure of the invention so that an expert is able to rework it. Theories and mathematical methods as to the occupation of levels and transition probabilities are not protectable.

This professional competence covers the following areas:

As scientific co-worker

in a physical institute the handling with lasers as well as the operation and the development of lasers was learned. Should your invention not be assigned to one of the listed special fields, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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