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Advisor for law & technology

The pages available under shall provide a first overlook about the IP law office which is located between Essen, Duesseldorf and Wuppertal and its services in matters of intellectual property rights.

The range of services offered comprises the legal advice and the protection of legal interests of clients in the range of intellectual property.

Industrial property rights

are main focuses in the professional activity of patent lawyers, in particular the protection of an invention as well as the trademark registration and saving of rights for new designs and shapes, e.g. by design right and copyright protection.

Technical competence

is the special additional skill of an patent lawyer and indispensable for the application of an invention to patent or german utility model. This education is of special avail for such technical property rights and for technical expertises.

IP Service Provider

The patent lawyer generates the documents needed for a registration of trade mark or a design registration. Beside the national application for a protective right the deposit of an international patent application, the registration of an international or a community trade mark or a community design can be carried out.

Aside that, the patent lawyer is important when disputing about industrial property rights. The representation comprises not only the filing procedure but also official procedures for revoking, removal of intellectual property rights by opposition, cancelation or action of nullity.


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