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appear when unauthorized third parties interfere into the scope of industrial property rights.

Also the rectification of trade marks, patents, utility models and for example community designs can be required in order to avoid further disputes.

Administrative acts

can cause further litigations. The date of filing is not accepted by the Patent Office, during the application procedure the payment of fees and/or form, content of an application for a mark, patent, utility model or for a community design is complaint. During the examination procedure no agreement about the catalogue of classes of goods or about the main claim the can be achieved. The decision about an opposition against the registration of a trade mark, the decision about a request for cancellation are not correct.

After infringement of a protective right

it depends on the extent of protection and the right of prohibition which vary considerably. The enforcement of such rights in the inland can be tried for extra-judicial or by legal action. The below mentioned examples are described considerably shortened and idealized.

Examples for an infringement:

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