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Unlike a lawyer the patent attorney is a technician with an additional juridical qualification. Beside the legal advice for clients in the field of intellectual property rights the focus lays on the technical expertise. This expert knowledge comprises almost more than one special field and allows a well founded judgement of technical problems and solutions.

For the elaboration of technical intellectual property rights your patent attorney should have a good specialised knowledge. On the following pages I give a rough overview of special fields on which I will be glad to be at your disposal.

The technical expertises are also much important for the assessment of patents, brands (trade marks) and designs. It can be detailed assessed the prior art of a patent search or of a patent application. Furthermore patents could be inspected and testified by legal opinion wheter a warning letter is justifiable, for example a product falls in a claim.

The quality of a patent or the value of a brand or design could be estimated before acquisition or obtaining a licence. This estimation includes the question about the extension of protection or scope of protection and is the invention disclosed properly.

Applicants or certain patent classes culd be supervised or published applications could be examined for preventing parallel developments.

His scientific and technical background generally allows the patent attorney to become acquainted with other special fields efficiently.

Should your invention not be assigned to one of the special fields (expertises) listed on the right, please contact me.

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