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Legal advice

The advice comprises all questions about intellectual property in particular about application and maintenance as well as about destruction of protective rights.

Special focuses are the inventor's right, patent law, trademark law and design right as well as legal questions about cognate scopes as the copyright and law on competition. The inventor's right implies the law on employee inventions.

An invention

solves a problem with technical means. In this context one speaks about technical protective rights which also comprise the German utility model. Who owns an invention that is made e.g. during employment relationship?

A good legal advice

generally starts with a question:
Which intellectual property right (Information about design protection, about trademarks, idea protection) provides for
which commercial activity (industrial design, good, service, method, usage)
the legally largest extent of protection (national, international)
for the longest possible period (duration of protection)?

An example for questions about patent law:

Programs for computers are excepted from patent protection (§1 Abs. 3 Nr. 3 Patentgesetz) in Germany. But this might regional (s. known PDF-Viewer, which lists a multiplicity of US Patents) and especially in view to the technical solution realized with this program to be judged differently. How to draft the patent application therefor?

About design right:

Can a bulky data base be protected by patent or design right?
As the originator of a design or brand I am protected by the copyright. Which benefit does a filing with the office (for legal protection in Germany: DPMA, within the EC: OHIM or WIPO according to the Hague Agreement) have and is an agent needed therefore or for patent protection of my idea?

Your are offered the possibility of an initial or inventor consultation, especially for companies in Erkrath, Haan, Hilden, Heiligenhaus, Langenfeld, Mettmann, Monheim, Ratingen, Solingen, Velbert and Wuelfrath. An initial consultation can depict the action alternatives in case of failure to comply with a time limit or amicably disputes on receipt of an entitlement for right of use or a warning letter. For destruction of a protective right a request of cancellation, the waiver or an opposition (Trademark law or patent law, after granting) or protest (PCT) can be essential.

The following questions about trademark law

occur many times:

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