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Electronic data processing

Special problems are occuring with so-called "software patents", which do legally not exist, because the protection of software (protected in germany by copyright law) by granted patent is excluded. A combination of a product plus a computer program as "data storage medium with a stored copy of a computer program..." can negotiate this protection obstacle with appropriate scope of protection.

Computer implemented inventions

- briefly cip - can alternatively be referred to the technical contribution of a feature, which demands the usage of a program controlled device (=computer). To simplify matters as an example the antiblocking system comprising a deceleration unit (=vehicle brake) and a controlling unit (=computer) is to be mentioned, in which the latter contributes the technical benefit, that the brake power is enhanced (=synergy) by prevention the grabbing of wheels.

In particular the following competences are covered:

This expertise

was aquired by a basic study of economic sciences with focus on Business Informatics and being improved with designing and developing small one-board computer devices. Should your invention not be assigned to one of the listed special fields, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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